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Life is a series of little miracles

Life is a series of little miracles

Our focus is often on our problems, the challenges, our wish list, our woes and sometimes on the good that comes our way. If we net out all our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we would largely find ourselves as ‘poor me’ victims, yearning for something more so that we can make our life happy. In this process of craving and seeking, we make the capital mistake of not valuing, the extraordinary blessings that we are bestowed with. Actually, if you look with the mindset of an explorer, you will discover rich treasures around, whooping blessings bestowed and a series of tiny miracles that make life so meaningful and special.

The best way to discover these miracles in our life, is by using all our senses and seeking out those miracles in everyday life.

See – Observe the wonders around. It could be a bird or butterfly you have never seen before. It could be a wonderful painting or scenery. It could be a flower or leaf or fruit or insect or animal. Look out for books and videos that add to your learning, imagination, joy and intellectual stimulation. See the wonders around you; new products, new technology, progress in science and technology. See the numerous miracles happening around you.

Hear – Listen to people; lend them your ears;  hear their joys, their woes, their anxieties, their hopes, their struggle and their exuberance. Find a connect that enriches you, because that will be something that make a difference to you. Perhaps it touched a chord in you; perhaps it evoked laughter and joy within you. Maybe you could be empathetic, and double their joy or halve their sorrow. Be a part of the miracle, around you.

Touch – Next time you give a pat on the back, or high five someone or hug someone, be aware of the effect of your touch on the other person. Have you felt the effect of another’s touch on yourself. Touch is a much under rated, often misunderstood and under utilized sensation which is far more powerful than most other senses. There is comfort, there is confidence, there is empathy, there is encouragement all rolled in touch. Reach out and touch the miracles within your reach.

Smell – How often are your tempted to smell a pretty flower. Not all flowers exude a pleasant aroma yet, the natural urge to smell the flower exits. Have you felt the strange effect, of a pleasant aroma of fresh food wafting through the kitchen and you beginning to salivate? Conversely, did the pungent smell of leaking gas, alert you to possible danger? It is time you realized that the gift of smell is one sense, that we have simply taken for granted. Next time you notice the aroma of incense or get the whiff of an enchanting scent, be aware of the miracles that the sense of smell has gifted you.

 Taste – If I mentioned chocolates or ice creams or pudding, can you almost feel the taste in your mouth? Ironically, for some, pungent is a very alluring taste, whereas for most people, pungent is a repulsive taste. Have you tried different cuisine’s? Discover the magic of varied tastes and the miracles that flavor and blend can add, to make food a gastronomic extravagance.

Try these:         

  • Make your own kaleidoscope or buy one and look at the innumerable patterns that can be seen, when you view through it.
  • Take a magnifying glass and a piece of paper. Focus the rays of the sun on to the paper through the magnifying glass, till the paper burns. Notice the form, texture and smell of the residue.
  • In the coming couple of months, make it a point to eat out, at an eatery that offers some specialty food that you have never tasted before. Pay attention to the texture, flavor, aroma and presentation of the dishes.
  • Visit a school for the blind and / or a school for the hearing impaired. Try and communicate with them. Also observe the style and method, in which they leverage their active senses, to make their life even more engaging.
  • Next opportunity visit a dairy farm or a stable and note the sounds, smell, touch the animals and understand what it means to be in that business. If you can, see a foaling and be part of the wonder of procreation. That is one of the greatest miracles you can personally witness.

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Shadows have no color

13- 28 Mar 17 -Shadows have no colorThe image today has varied interpretations and perhaps it would also make us aware of how we can get in touch with our own self. It is also the first image in this blog without any words etched on it and hence I am free to interpret it my way. I am sure you too can discover new meanings in it too. Make your life colorful !

When I say hello to myself I discover me. This is perhaps the most obvious interpretation of the picture. In reality we rarely pause to take a deep look at answering questions like, Who am I? What do I seek? Where do I want to go? How can I change and become even more effective? Pausing occasionally to reflect about one’s own journey through life and the way ahead would often be invigorating, stimulating and eye opening. You could discover latent passions, uncover flaws that limited your potential and allow you to appreciate the blessings in your life.

My emotions help me touch myself – You shadow does not define you nor does it uphold you. It is an illusionary appendage that is neither harmful not beneficial. The shadow cannot reflect your inner core. It just outlines the exterior and that to, a distorted image depending on the light. For you to really understand yourself and touch your inner self, you need to understand and appreciate your emotions. Your feelings your sensitivity, your mettle have to be dug out from within you by introspection, observation, listening and interpretation. Perhaps you also have to realign your attitude, behavior and actions to get the best out of your physical and emotional potential.

I need to reach out and touch another – My shadow can fall on another but make no difference to the other person. If I want to touch another person, I will have to make the effort to reach out and touch him/ her. My shadow in fact begins from a point in my physical self; yet I am neither conscious about it nor do I give it any importance. The same is true about my shadow that touches around without them even noticing it. Yet when I stop and pay attention to others, when I listen to them, when I talk and share my thoughts and feelings I can get responses that matter to me and them.  I have a responsibility to reach out and have a positive influence on those around me.

Shadows reflect an outline; I reflect my life – A shadow just takes the form without any depth. It is my life that I lead, that projects the real me. My values, my upbringing, my education, my attitude, my behavior, my strength of character are all displayed in full measure by the way I lead my life. I would be judged (correctly or wrongly) by others by the example I set and the personality I reflect my real self in my interactions. Ironically the shadow that follows me everywhere is just a uni-dimensional projection of my physical self and even that is distorted.  When I say hello to my shadow, I am just making myself aware that there is a multi faceted individual within me that no shadow can do justice to. It also is my way of realizing that there are hues of grey within me that I need to paint brighter. I am responsible for who I am.

In the end thou art just a form but… – This is a chilling reminder that the shadow is all that you are. No color, no emotions, no attachments just a form that you can neither touch nor feel nor avoid. Yet, the form cannot be visible without a physical you and the power of light. As long as you are alive you are duty bound to make the best of your life and the light around; be it family, friends, colleagues or simply the presence of nature around you. The challenge for you is to prove Shakespeare wrong  when he said ‘ the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interned with their bones’.

Don’t let your shadow define you; let your life be your epitaph long after you are interned.

Try these:

  • Try and write your own epitaph. It will give a purpose and meaning to your life.
  • Choose 3-5 sayings or proverbs that you can make it the bedrock of your life.
  • Click on the following links to see how people creatively use the power of shadows. Perhaps you too can attempt to do something creative in a similar way.



 Identify two special qualities that endear the following people to you

  • Your parents/ siblings / a special family member
  • Your two best friends
  • Your two favorite teachers / bosses / colleagues
  • Your favorite animal or bird

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Seek and find

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. – Sir John Lubbock

If you are one of those who ends up as a frustrated shopper rarely finding what appeals to you or one who finds too many faults in what  you plan to purchase, ask yourself the question ‘Do I really know what I want?’ Take the simple case of buying a new mobile phone for personal use. While the budget constraint might be very clear, the other parameters of type of the phone viz. style, color, features, utility, functionality etc. are not very clear to us. Obviously then we flirt from phone to phone secretly wishing to own all, but finding it very difficult to narrow down the personal choice. On the other hand when we have to book tickets for travel, we are fairly sure of the dates, the mode of transport and the preferred choice of seating. We are clear about our requirements because the choices are so limited and we need to decide clearly before we lose out the opportunity.

Many a time, we do not leverage this great insight and that is why we often end up angry, frustrated and despondent when we are challenged, face obstacles and are confronted with seemingly insurmountable problems. The trick is not to avoid the problem or deflect it or give up in frustration. Instead if we continue to persist seeking the answer we will come up with some of the most innovative solutions and perhaps there are extremely simple solutions at hand which we have overlooked. All the great innovations of the world are testimony to the unquenchable thirst of the scientist and discoverers to search for that solution to their challenge. In fact the progress of mankind can be attributed to man’s self belief and search for answers for his/ her problems.

This brings us to another powerful use of this wisdom of seeking and finding what we search for. When we are prone to complaint, criticize, run down, cast aspersions or find fault we need to take a pause and see the good points, the positives, the strengths and the opportunities that exist and our negative mindset will be largely nullified. Similar if one wants to get the best out of people all we need to do is look out for their strengths, seek out something to praise them for, identify their positives and seek out opportunities to communicate these positives to them. Notice how they get charged up, work to live up to their promise and actively seek to get your attention and a reinforcement of the earlier appreciation from you.

It might sound ironic but good friendships are often developed not because we are consciously aware of our requirements for a type of friend but invariably it is our sub conscious that helps us gravitate towards the right people with whom we blend well, have the perfect rapport and forge a long lasting bond. This again simply proves the point that when we seek consciously or unconsciously, we get what we want.

Remember: Seek first to understand and then you will be understood.

Try this

  1. Assume you are rushing to a formal meeting. You are not wearing a coat but just a full sleeve shirt and tie.  Unfortunately your sleeve gets entangled in a nail and the button is ripped off. You wouldn’t want to attend the meeting with one sleeve buttoned and the other unbuttoned. What are the various options before you to salvage the situation.  ( You have no time to resew a button). Come up with at least 3 different answers and email it to contact @actspot.com.
  2. Find at least 3 positives in the following situations
  • You have lost your wallet
  • You get injured on the eve of an important match and you miss the opportunity to play the match.
  • Your best friend suddenly stops talking to you and avoids your attempts to communicate with him/ her

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