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Do more with less

One of the problems facing the world is the indiscriminate use of limited resources. As individuals, each of us must examine how individually each of us can limit our own use of the resources available to us so that we can make our own little contribution to saving our resources. That apart, we must also … Continue reading Do more with less


Leveraging your anger

All our negative qualities have possibilities of being harnessed and channelized into productive action. Negative qualities are akin to nuclear power, which is largely understood as being a destructive force because of the Atom Bomb and is unfortunately not well known for being a rich source of productive energy, used widely for generating electricity. Anger … Continue reading Leveraging your anger

Uncertainty has one certainty

Like change, that is a constant in our life, uncertainty is niggle that will never go. Each moment of our life, we are constantly processing fresh inputs and each input brings with it fresh perspectives for us to mull on. The human mind is largely programmed to preserve, protect and pre-empt threats and dangers and … Continue reading Uncertainty has one certainty

Set yourself free…

As a social animal, man has to live with fellow human beings for sustenance, companionship and growth. Unfortunately man, unlike other animals that also live in groups or herds or prides has the compulsive unconscious urge to seek acceptance /approval of those around for every deed, action and indulgence. Even more unfortunately, man has also … Continue reading Set yourself free…

Right or wrong we live by our belief’s

Whether you are really right or not doesn’t matter, it’s the belief that counts. Robertson Davies The root cause of most misunderstandings and arguments is well encapsulated by the above quote. When two individuals differ in their thoughts and beliefs, most times the end result is a standoff with neither person willing to back off. … Continue reading Right or wrong we live by our belief’s