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Be realistic

Never try to catch two frogs with one hand. Chinese proverb

In the fast paced world we live in, we are often compelled to chase our dreams by doubling our pace and if possible finding some short cuts. The result is that we either get exhausted half way through or we end up going in circles ruing our rather ill adviced and hasty decisions. Unfortunately we have a penchant to quickly forget our misadventures and no sooner our urge to chase the pot of gold returns, we not only double our original pace but now try to latch on to every possible opportunity. That is when we are attempting to do the near impossible like attempting to catch two frogs with one hand; and in the process both frogs leap away.

One needs to just check if we make huge TO Do lists or if one is often saying the words “I forgot ….’ or  if we are constantly struggling to meet deadlines, to get a feel of how over burdened we are. This is also indicative of how we are battling time constraints and struggling with our own frogs.  There are various reason why we keep on adding to our overfull cup of challenges. The first is our inability to say NO to people, most of whom are often taking advantage of our goodness. By being obliging  we are actually trying to juggle with more balls than what we are capable of handling. Obviously one is bound to spill a ball or two in the process and unfortunately the blame is also assigned to the person who slips. The second problem is our overconfidence that results in us believing that only we are capable of delivering results. The problem with over confidence is twofold; we take on more than we can handle and we refuse to delegate.

The biggest problem though is that we are never grounded in reality. This results in us sweeping aside all semblances of rationality, logic and temperance under the carpet. Instead we put our trust in an exaggerated opinion of our abilities, an unjustified faith in handling time pressures and a mistaken notion that we can with extra special efforts achieve extraordinary results. The voice of reason that keeps harping that we need to take a reality check is quietend down by our brash attitude and pompous outward show of bravado. To be grounded in reality requires us to be pragmatic, humble and truthful. Humility enables us to accept reality without rebuttal, pragmaticism helps us see things in the right perspective and truthfulness enables us to accept a harsh reality with equanimity.

In the pond of life there will be numerous frogs that will leap around and we would be sorely tempted to believe that catching a couple of them is child’s play. As a result we would, when the time comes try to demonstrate our imagined skill and attempt to catch a few frogs with one sweep of the hand. We misjudge our ability and under rate the frog too only to see the frog’s splash water on our face as they make a quick gateway into the pond.

Remember: “Simply put, you believe that things or people make you unhappy, but this is not accurate. You make yourself unhappy.” Wayne Dyer

Try this:

  1. How many times do you think you can keep folding  a paper into half ? Write down a figure and then take a newspaper page and start doing it and find out the answer for yourself. Was your original estimate realistic?
  2. If you are adventurous enough and are not afraid of frogs go to the outdoors and attempt to catch a frog with your hands. If you succeed, try doing it with one hand. Now visualize yourself trying to catch two frogs with one hand.

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