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Be self reliant…

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. Swedish proverb

Far too often, the one reason we are unable to realize our full potential is sheer laziness.  Our lethargy, casualness, indifference and tardiness are all the myriad outcomes of a lazy self. We can camouflage our laziness under various garbs of tiredness, non availability of tools for the job, lack of skill and / or knowledge about the job or simply blame our forgetfulness. However, we might fool the world with these lame excuses but we cannot fool ourselves with it; after all we have a conscience that never sleeps and is well aware of the reality.

There are times when we are so used to getting help that we look askance when no help is seen around. We are flummoxed as to how and why no help is around and shocked at the possibility that we have to roll up our sleeves and do the job ourselves. Our egos may not permit us to do what we think is a menial job by our living standards or worse still ignore some jobs in the fond hope that someone else will do it. The truth is that what needs to be done has to be done and it is best that we do it ourselves if we want the work done on time and done efficiently. Pause for a moment and think of the attributes needed to do a job. Most jobs that are routine just need a wee bit of common sense and the ability to dirty your hands. More specialized jobs may require some basic training.

One reason for increased laziness is the pampering of the growing up children by very protective parents, who either do the job themselves or have hired hands to do it. The other reason is the psychology of the people who believe that if they earn they can always hire help. The lure of more relaxed and agreeable activities like watching TV /partying/ reading etc. give us pleasure with little effort and so the more boring jobs are outsourced if possible. Laziness is also the outcome of our own low standards which in effect mean we just do enough to get by. In real life though all the good days will come to an end sooner or later for when we depend on others, we are falling into a trap called ‘ Laziness’ and the only cure for it is ‘Desperation’. Take the case of a rich young man who is overweight. He has no option but to exercise and diet both of which he cannot outsource. This leads to desperation and this will trigger hard work. Or when is stuck in an airport or railway station and there is a strike by the porters, out of sheer desperation you will have to carry your heavy luggage and make your way to your destination.

It is interesting to note a very apt observation by Bishop Fulton Sheen ‘ who observed that there are things that only you can do be it blowing your nose or saying your prayers. So on that prayerful note, I leave you to work out the answer to the question ‘ Who can help me?Read the first line of this post again, just in case you are groping for the answer!

Remember: “Don’t pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.”

Try these:

  1. Give your mother/ spouse a break. Don’t wait for mother’s day or her birthday for such a break. Just surprise them by taking over their tasks and doing it with a smile on your face and a lots of love in your heart. ( please ensure that if you are cooking don’t mess up the kitchen so bad, that it is double trouble for the person whom you are trying to please.)
  2. Right now list 5 things that you have postponed doing for over 2 months simply because you have lots of excuses to keep it pending. Put a time frame to do it ( not later than 2 weeks) and ensure that all the 5 activities are completed in that time frame. Repeat the activity every quarter so that in no time there are no pending jobs.

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