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The futility of worrying

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its strength. A.J. Cronin

Strange as it may seem, many of us worry because the pain of worry seems to offer an axis around which one can go in circles and feel that we have actually done our bit to stem the tide. Unfortunately we fail to realize that in the process we have expended our energies, have not really changed the reality that stares at us and if anything we have just compounded our worries by wasting the present moment.  Assume we have an exam coming up and we have squandered away our time. Suddenly the reality of the exam date looms ominously ahead and instead of at least attempting to salvage the situation if we panic and brood and worry about our performance and fate, we would only have made a bad situation worse.

To cope with worry, we need to see the bright side of a hopeless situation and the get busy with our work today. Both these are tough especially when the Damocles sword of an impending worry is looming over our head. Seeing the bright side of a hopeless situation is a paradox in itself because hopelessness means a dark and bitter reality ahead. The brightest aspect of it is that at some point it will be over and done with. There could be other small but significant happenings like someone in dire pain lapsing into a comma where there will be no pain or failure helping one to switch tracks a decision which we longed for but didn’t dare to take. The key is to find straws of hope to clutch on to without turning those straws into steel ropes to latch on to and clamber out. One worry that is hard to overcome is the ‘what only if ‘syndrome. Take the case of a student who loses his rank by one mark. He/she can keep ruing that one silly mistake or the one question not studied well but the reality will not change. Or take the case of a person who is on the final question of ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ and chances his. her luck and fails.

If we can see the bright side of the future and to that extend minimize our worries, then we need to turn our focus on keeping busy. This is not to say one needs to engage in worthless and futile work rather one has to divert our positive energies into ensuring that w do our current jobs well. By being busy, our mind is occupied and will not stray and catch the worry bug.  At the same time, we would achieve some of our personal and professional goals, have no regrets about wasting our time and efforts and the net result is that we remain fit and agile. Where we really stumble is when do a tardy job, turn out shoddy work and pass the blame on to our worries and anxieties.  In the lexicon of the brave and the pragmatic person, today is what counts for the opportunities and the time will never come again no matter what the reality will be tomorrow.  Ask if we can we be concerned about the problem rather than worry about it?

Remember: There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.” Harold Stephens

Try this:

  1. Make a list of 10 worries and assign 100 marks to be distribute amongst those worries with the highest marks going to the worry that we are most anxious about. Focus on the top three worries and orient yourself to be concerned about finding a solution.
  2. Ask yourself if more than 3 of the following traits are frequently exhibited by you, for then that shows signs of a person who worries too much.
  • Frequent negative thoughts
  • Constantly complaining, cribbing, whining
  • Do you get easily angry and enraged?
  • At the first signs of uneasiness do you consult a doctor?
  • Are you obsessed about things eg. Children’s exam marks/ punctuality/ neatness / rituals
  • Do you hate it when your carefully laid plans go awry and your schedule is upset?
  • In a crowd if the focus of attention suddenly shifts to you  do you feel very foolish/ sheepish/ disturbed/ irritated ?

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Dont let tomorrow mess up today

If you are afraid for your future, you don’t have a present. James Petersen

There are times, when each one of us has got this sudden unexplainable feeling of fear, panic and helplessness when thinking about the future. Such fear when it comes occasionally is useful for us to be aware of our own mortality, the reality of an unpredictable future, the need to plan and be prepared and it helps us actually realize the value of today and make the best use of our today. The trouble starts when we are so obsessed about the future that we end up constantly wailing and moaning about it, keep worrying about it, spend more time making plans to handle imaginary crisis and fail to enjoy today and the blessings that we are fortunate to have. The truth is we cannot completely hedge against the future nor can we let the future steamroll us and so we need to ensure that we have some insurance to manage the future. It is this insurance that begins with us first of all enjoying our daily living so that we have no regrets later. At the same time by being pragmatic and rational about the future we can intelligently and objectively attempt to protect our future and insure it financially, emotionally and dynamically.

Our worries about the future come in so many shades. We worry about our jobs, our finances, our relationships, our hopes and aspirations. We also worry through our jealousies, envy, expectations, irrational thoughts and far too often through thoughts about death be it our own or that of a loved one. What is pertinent to note is that we when we worry the first casualty is our happiness. No one who worries will ever be able to enjoy the present. No sooner we feel happy a fearful thought will suddenly creep in and prick the bubble of happiness. In extreme cases we even start worrying about being happy and fear that our happiness is short lived for a calamity is lurking around the corner.  See the people around who have dour expression, those who are always complaining, people who are extremely critical or frequently sarcastic, the people who cannot accept compliments and those who are always negative in their words, thoughts and behavior; they rarely exude happiness.

The second and logical casualty is our present; the moment that is for us to enjoy, the gift of today and the spirit of life.  Instead of appreciating the beauty of the day we start counting the hours to darkness; our laughter is always tinged with regret or sadness; we are morose and snappy most times; we see the shadows not the sunshine and we live in fear of being besieged by calamity. More than anything else we live in the belief that we are the unlucky ones, the cursed ones and the only ones who have this fate befallen on. The third and most unfortunate of all repercussion is our conscious and unconscious negative impact on those around us. Many a time because we are dour and negative, we hate it when those around are happy, cheerful and enjoy with gay abandon. We make efforts to spoil their mood by berating them, being loud and uncouth or simply denying them the pleasures that they depend on you to give e.g. refusing a birthday party or finding fault with a gift they give you. Other times our demeanor and behavior are enough to make others avoid us, move away from us or simply ignore us . The cycle of unhappiness is then complete; we are unhappy we make others unhappy and in turn we remain unhappy.

Remember: “Your past is important but it is not nearly as important to your present as the way you see your future”  Tony Campolo

Try this:

  1. Read the post on FUTURE (Foresee Unusual Trends Usually Rapidly Emerging) in our weekly blog http://poweract.blogspot.com/2010/11/future.html
  2. Read the post on Why Worry https://actspot.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/why-worry-2/
  3. To minimize your future worries make a list of your New Year Resolutions, if you haven’t done it already. Now  get working on it right away so that by this time next year a large number of items on that list is deleted and you enjoy each day this year because you have slowly inched closer to achieving the resolutions on that list.

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The message and messenger of the day


Every day is a messenger of God. Russian proverb

One of the most wonderful works of God is the subtle oncoming of each day, which heralds both the message that God exists and the transfiguration of the abstract day into a tangible evidence of Gods powerful messenger. What is most intriguing is the loud proclamation of GOD through the beautiful sunrise and the HIS vibrant presence during the whole day, be it in the chirping of the birds, the whistling of the winds or the bustling activity of human beings. Ironically, it is also felt in the fragilities of life be it in the form of death of person or persons, the fury of the vagaries of nature or in the poverty, pollution and pain that starkly contrasts with the peace, tranquility and love that is normally associated with God.

The chirping of the birds and the first rays of the sun brighten our morning and with each passing hour we are given the power to choose how to spend our time and enrich our life. The good news is the day is all ours. The bad news is that we have to exercise our choice in order to ensure that we have not wasted the day. What we need to focus on is what is our real task and then go about fulfilling that even if the task is not appealing, if it is challenging or it is extremely boring. If we don’t go about our task, end of day the same messenger will seek an account of how we utilized the day and our conscience will constantly prick us if we have squandered the opportunity presented to us. Even worse is that sinking feeling in our hearts that we have accomplished very little, piled on more work for ourselves and tensions and fear overwhelm us.

We also need to bear up with some rare days which herald only sad news, painful moments and hurtful memories. These days challenge our inner strength, draw our attention to the vagaries of life and very often divert our attention to the existence of GOD to whom we turn to in prayerful, weary and a pleaful manner. Everyone has to go through this cycle of pain and joy and the good news is that most times we are blessed with joy and we appreciate those times much more when we are undergoing pain. sadness and loneliness. The miracle of the day lies in its equality of distribution amongst all and its complete indifference to how one uses or abuses it. In its unhurried, impartiality it proclaims the message of GOD’s gift of each day to each one of us. The challenge for us is to appreciate it, accept it and use it profitably and purposefully for our own good and as a tribute to God’s gift of life to us. It is only if we are alive that the new day has meaning, and that the greatest gift that god SENDS US EACH DAY for each day becomes gods own messenger to awakens us and remind us of his LOVE for us.

Remember: “Don’t count the days- make the days count.”

Try this:

  1. Make an elaborate New Year resolution list. Add some personal improvement goals in it, some social work that you plan to do, some goals concerned with improving the environment and one goal dedicated to doing something that is connected with your personal passion.
  2. Outline 3 changes you will make in your life style to enhance your personal productivity. Also outline the method you will adopt to put your plan into action and to evaluate the results.

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Make the most of today

Make the most of today.  Translate your good intentions to actual deeds. Grenville Kleiser

Every one is born good and so for the vast part of our early life at least, each one of us gets up with a feeling that the day will be wonderful and that there is a lot of joy for us to partake off. However when we begin to face some blips in our lives, begin to fear things, experience the pain of sorrow, failure, rejection and loneliness that is when we slowly adjust to the real world and become more circumspect and wary of each new day. Over time, depending on our circumstances and our experiences, we are either more positive or less enthusiastic when we get up each day. Yet what we do not realize is that we have the rare blessing of being able to experience HAPPINESS every single day if we can begin our day with good intentions and get going on translating those wonderful intentions into concrete actions.

The simplest thing that we all can do is SMILE…it costs nothing and as they say a SMILE is a curve that can set a lot of things straight. Look around and identify how many people you know who are around you right now who frown more than they smile. Ask yourself if you are guilty of the same and walking around as if all the cares of the world are on your shoulders? No matter what our problems are, there is nothing that stops us from smiling and spreading a little joy in our every waking hour. When we learn to smile, no matter what, we would have developed the fine art of nurturing Positive Thinking and displaying a Positive Attitude. With positivity within us we can take on the most mundane or the most challenging tasks and do a great job of executing it. No day is ever wasted then for we actively seek out opportunities to participate in.

To ensure that we can translate good intention into action, the most important thing is to have a whole list of good intentions. This means that one has to actually think up and list out varied tasks that you can take up and contribute too meaningfully. It could be personal tasks, social tasks, voluntary work, It is equally important that we put deadlines to the tasks or we would succumb to the common malady of procrastination. It is also vital that we realize that we need to take on those tasks that we are capable of and not bite of more than what we can chew. Our ego is often a stumbling block that will hide this reality from us. Equally essential to be aware of is our tendency to simply do tasks that are easy, oft repeated, non challenging and tasks that can be easily delegated. Learn to delegate or we would do a lot of tasks and not get any satisfaction because we have not grown in the process.

Perhaps a large number of us can now identify with the reality as to why at end of day many of us are not really enthusiastic or happy about the day gone by. The answer lies in the realization that the enormous potential of the day that was available to us to execute our good thoughts and deeds were not utilized by us. In most cases because of lack of planning, lethargy, inept handling or sheer casualness we have botched up the opportunities. In extreme cases, let alone utilize the opportunities we may have actually gone on an ego trip and fouled up things in sheer spite, desperation or anger. When we have wasted our day instead of just regretting it, ask if you flashed enough smiles around to charge yourself up. If not, focus on that first and soon you will be energized enough to proactively get involved in the opportunities that come your way.

Remember: The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, “I was wrong”.”Sydney J. Harris

Try this:

  1. With Christmas around the corner, list out the gifts you need to buy and the greetings you need to send, With the new year around the coroner there is no better time than now to making your new year resolution list. By this time next year, check out how effectively you implemented your New Year Resolutions
  2. Form the habit of jotting down your to do list and update the work done regularly. Practice taking on challenging tasks, delegating mundane tasks and learn the art of clubbing tasks so that you can be even more productive and make the best use of each day by translating your good intentions into fruitful action.

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With every rising of the sun…

With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun.  Anon

The first rays of the sun should not only light up the world but should light up your life every single day. The fact that you can feel the warmth of the sunlight is enough reason to celebrate life because if you cannot feel its warmth then you are no longer living. Being alive is not an accident but a message that your life is to be lived fully, cheerfully, enthusiastically and abundantly. From that perspective, every rising sun invites you to draw strength from it and spread cheer like it does, drawing one and sundry to its bosom.

While obviously it is impossible to merely see each day as a completely new day with no connection to the past, we can definitely see it as a new day that gives you an opportunity to redeem the past and impact the future. Look at each day as a clean slate; the slate was used yesterday, mistakes made when writing on it but end of day it was cleaned and readied to begin all over again. When we start afresh the biggest advantage is that the anxieties of the past would have subsided, our mind a little more clearer and new possibilities emerge from the deepest recess of the heart and mind.

Unfortunately the human mind cannot completely wipe off the pain, the worries, the anxieties that have been accumulated over the past. These continue to irritate, stress out and zap the energies of an individual. However each new day refreshes us mentally, physically and psychologically and thus enables us to be calm, composed and consistent in our thoughts and actions.  Like a baby who is blissful and energetic with no care in the world, we too must attempt to calm ourselves and yet be enthusiastic.  In real life, it is not just the past that burdens us but the future that is a heavier cross to bear. We worry about health, finances, family, relationships etc. and so do not enjoy the 24 hours that are given to us irrespective of who one is.

The best way to make the best of each day is to ensure that gets more waking time.  This does not mean one has to go sleepless but just that we have to try to manage to stretch our waking hours.  With more hours at our disposal, it is essential one has a positive attitude if one has to utilize these hours productively. The focus must be on our priorities that will improve us personally, assist us to improve the environment around and spur us to make a positive difference to society at large. It is when one can influence not just the immediate surroundings but the world at large that one can truly say that one has made full use of our life for each day is a fresh life!

Remember: “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”  Mark Twain

Try this:

  1. Ensure that you do at least 2 actions everyday that will make some stranger happy. It can be as simple as smiling, not getting angry, helping some stranger in some manner, giving alms to a beggar, saying a prayer for someone, sacrificing something for a stranger etc.
  2. Get up each morning with a smile on your face, happiness in your heart, a song on your lips and be grateful for the wonder of a good life. This is not easy when you are stressed, anxious, worried, sick, hurt, downcast, fearful, bored, helpless etc. Each of these emotions will fill your mind with negative thoughts and you will have to make a determined and conscious effort to be positive and remain positive and radiate positive energies.

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Don’t let yesterday ruin today

Never let yesterday use up today. Richard H. Nelson

When we tend to reminiscence there are two types of viewpoints that come to the fore.  One set of people are prone to look back at the good old days and lament that the world today is in terrible shape and that they would love to relive the past.  The other reaction is that of those who may have gone through terrible times in the past and are unable to exorcise the ghost of the past and they repeatedly relive that trauma messing up their present. What is common in both sets of reactions is the fact that the people involved prefer to let the past dominate their present and as a result they just cannot utilize the potential of today to the full.

The problem with living in the past is that the whole exercise is in the realms of fantasy or borders on psychological trauma. Either way we cannot either duplicate the past now nor do we attempt to erase the horrendous memories; the net result is that we continue to be in the vice like grip of the days gone by. This impacts us today in a wide variety of ways. To begin with, our focus on today is blurred by the constant unconscious interferences by the memories of the past. Indirectly, we become victims of past prejudices, unrealistic fantasies and frozen memories. Those who were blessed with a very pleasant and satisfactory past would make efforts to duplicate the same today thereby ruining the harmony of the present. This is because while the whole world has moved forward these people are caught in a time warp and fight progress in general and change in particular.

For those who experienced a traumatic past, the present seems to be an extension of the past in as much as they see a demonic future and so get sandwiched between the demons in the mind. They adopt a fatalistic mentality, become superstitious and seek refuge in the powers of the occult or succumb to the lures of faith healers and spiritual guides.  Today then becomes burden for this lot, painfully experienced, wearily lived and fatalistically approached. Innovation, change and progress are often sacrificed today simply because the way ahead is perceived to be best lived by emulating the past for then we have the past experience to fall back on should lightening strike twice.

One needs to become aware that the past is long dead and though history may repeat itself, with the help of past experience we can always face up to the challenge. One must also not let the past overwhelm us to the point where we cannot think logically, act intelligently and live confidently. We must constantly remind ourselves that today has to be encashed and the past is a cancelled cheque that is pretty much worthless.

Remember: “What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now.”

Try this:

  1. Read the contents of the following blog http://poweract.blogspot.com/2009/12/8-only-today-is-ours-use-it-now.html
  2. List out 3 most painful memories of the past and 3 best memories of the past. Reflect on how these events impacted your life subsequently. Objectively ask yourself if any of these events still play a big part in your attitude, behavior, style and temperament.  The feedback you get from others would be a good mirror to your life and a good reference point for evaluation of how your are utilizing today.

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The future is almost here

I never think of the future.  It comes soon enough. Albert Einstein

The reason many of us never live up to our full potential is because we are constantly focusing on either the past that we cannot change or the future that is yet to arrive. While we can learn from our experiences of the past, it is pointless brooding on it and making regular ‘if only’ statements to placate our conscience. Unfortunately we spend a fair amount of time regretting the missed opportunities, hurting because we believe our approach or strategy was misguided and rue the fact that we never got a second chance. However the really bigger crime we are guilty of is fearing the future and day dreaming about it when one must actually be working to create it.

There is no doubt that planning for the future is essential for everyone but this is an exercise any prudent person will undertake in moderation. The tough part is accepting the reality called the future. What many of us visualize as the future seems light years away whereas the reality is that the future is charging towards us with every passing moment. What we really need to pay attention to is the task on hand. If we have one eye on the future we will be able to ensure that what we do is what really is the most important job, which will in the long term, align itself to our immediate and future goals.

Another blunder that we are guilty of, is our belief that the future is beyond our control. It is obvious that we can’t predict what the future really brings, but that doesn’t mean we cannot anticipate with reasonable accuracy what the future is likey to be.  By throwing ones hands up and letting the future pan out is taking a very fatalistic approach and the consequences can be disastrous. On the other hand if one were to imaginatively visualize the future trends, it is possible that we are reasonably prepared to meet it with more daring and preparation. There could be some very eventful happenings that catch us completely off guard and yet anyone who is prepared can overcome the initial shock or surprise and bring his / her life back to even keel soon enough and use the future winds to steer their course.

The best insurance for the future is good planning and a focus on today’s jobs.  The biggest advantage is that we are both busy and productive with little time to brood over what will happen. This means that we channelize our energies into activities that give us returns both monetarily and mentally thereby uplifting our self esteem and confidence. That apart, we slowly but surely are tackling the future as it unfolds without being too conscious about it and without knee jerk reactions or panic or euphoria.  We are able to adapt to the changes and adopt the new practices that swoop in on us and engulf us in its fury. While the future could make us technologically disadvantaged, it also brings us the fruits of the technological advances and at the end of the day the pros and cons even out.

We can surely spare a thought for the future now and ask ourselves what would be our response since the future is around the corner?  You must fight the ill effects of future trends and embrace the revolutions that the future brings. Ecological imbalances, depleting water resources, disposal of nuclear waste, disposal of electronic waste, hacking, phishing  etc are definite identifiable problems that the future will be staring at and we need to be proactive and take a firm stand to reduce and if possible eliminate these millstones of the future. The communication revolution, the health care and new drug therapies, the computing and data base management expertise etc are game changers of the future and it will be best that we accept it and adapt to its onslaught.

Remember: “I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.” William Allen White

Try this:

  1. List out 3 changes that you are finding hard to grapple with. Can you pinpoint the reason for not being able to adjust to these changes? Is it your fear that holds you back? Do you believe those changes wont really matter to you ?
  2. What are the 3 changes that you hope the future will bring that will benefit you a lot. Eg. A cure for diabetes or a method of reducing the insulin shots.
  3. What are the 3 changes that you are most pleased with? Eg. ATM cash dispensation or the proliferation of TV channels that enables one to keep busy in old age

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The future is here…

I never think of the future.  It comes soon enough. Albert Einstein.

Many of us are so obsessed with planning for the future that we forget that we need to live now, today, in the present moment. The reality of life is that we need to keep the future in mind when enjoying the wonders of life today, but that does not imply that we have to be so wary that the future looks draconian, monstrous and terrifying. Getting the right mix of an enjoyable present, reminiscing the beautiful past and carefully nurturing the future is a challenge for every human being.

The present is where we are and the past will remain a memory but it is the future that will embrace us soon and so gives us opportunities to prepare for that meeting. In the present, we have to go ahead and do what is most opportune, appropriate and live up to our potential. Most times though we let our past overshadow our present and makes us so cautious that we lose our risk taking ability, our capacity to enjoy the present and we spend more time protecting ourselves from our imaginary eventualities. The future too beckons us with hope and so many possibilities, yet in the present moment we are fearful of losing that and so we plan to grab and grasp as much as we can now in the fond hope that we shall enjoy the fruits of our prudence in the future. Alas, when the future comes it becomes the present and we are still grabbing and grasping rather than letting go and enjoying the delights that come to our door step daily.

It is apt here to recollect the story of a man who was given a boon to keep for himself all the land that he could lay claim on by running around it and marking it in a 24 hour period. While he started with moderate aspirations, greed soon overcame him and he went further and further trying to mark out as much as he could. In the end he had tire himself so much that no sooner he arrived at the starting point he collapsed and died, and all he occupied when he was buried was the coffin space. If we pause at this moment and put ourselves in that mans shoes, we will soon realize that we too are almost following a similar path craving for more, physically and emotionally draining ourselves in the pursuit of more and suddenly it might strike you that you cannot outpace the future!

Yes it is a profound realization that the future will be here soon enough and then are we ready to say yes it is time I made the best of the present and let the future take care of itself? The key is to pace yourself in the pursuit of happiness, for that is what we all crave; decide when you are going to enjoy the fruit of your labor for as they say the present is gift from God that we need to unwrap and savor daily.

Remember: The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” Abraham Lincoln

Try these:

  1. Make a list of 5 things that you feel will give you the security for the future. Be specific about it. Don’t just say lots of money, good health, happy family etc. None of these are specific. Instead put a figure that is in your opinion reasonable savings for your standard of living. Outline how you propose to keep fit in terms of weigh, diet etc.
  2. If you got a windfall of  Rs.1,00,000 how will you utilize it? This will give you a clue as to  your mental make up about how secure you feel about your present and future. How much is the saving your plan to do. Are you going to indulge in the one passion that you were longing to do for a long time? How much will you spent to celebrate this windfall?

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Never put off…

Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow. Horace

It was Benjimin Franklin  who made a very apt statement when he said ‘ I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up.  Often we tend to focus on the ironic humor in Franklin’s observation, unfortunately missing out on the larger point he made, that we need to seize the wonders of each day and utilize it fully. Tomorrow is actually an illusion for no one can predict the next moment and so we need to do what ever we have to now and yes we need to size the moment as it comes to us. We cannot afford to put off for tomorrow what needs to be done now.

What are most commonly deferred for a more opportune time are inevitably those tasks that we detest, despise, abhor. Even the most astute business men are capable of succumbing to this one big weakness of procrastinating; see the number of business tycoons who are unable to write a will and consequentially leave behind a trail of family disputes, legal machinations and a trail of sordid family saga. For ordinary mortals, the tendency is no less similar. They would avoid taking a tough stance, pussy foot complicated decisions and hope some miraculous solutions would appear tomorrow that would ease their agony.

On a more global level, societies where there is religious fervor tend to see a sharp increase in the dependence on divine intervention to what should ideally be a man made solutions to a man made problems. Agnostic societies use a similar logic albeit without giving any credit to divine interventions but use the garb of myopic political expediency to rationalize the evils of today.  Many a time where long term solutions with short term hardships are the ideal answer, we tend to take the soft option because we want to see immediate results and leave the long term problem for tomorrow. After all tomorrows problem would belong to the people of tomorrow. What one fails to realize that we need to plan today for the future and if it means making sacrifices today for long term prosperity so be it. The energy crisis of today, the depleting fresh water resources, the ecological imbalance etc. are but symptomatic of this very myopic human tendency. If our politicians, policy makers and our forefathers had taken a long term holistic view of the indiscriminate depletion of natural resources, abuse of the abundance of nature and reaping without sowing today’s world would not be pushed to the brink of a crisis. Unfortunately we are equally guilty of what are forefathers did and so we end up seizing the day for just our immediate benefits and tomorrows generation will have to pay the price.

While the world debates the future, the earth beneath our feet is crumbling under the selfish, self centered and self inflicted crisis that we refuse to acknowledge today; will there be a tomorrow for the next generation?

Remember: We are not inheritors of the earth; mere custodians for our future generation.

Try these:

  1. Irrespective of what age you are, try making a will. Be fair and realistic and do not make a casual attempt. The exercise may trouble you for various reasons from fear of death itself to realizing that fairness is relative and hard to define to recognizing what really our possessions are.
  2. Join up a NGO that is involved in any activity pertaining to protecting our earths treasures be it tree conservation, animal protection, rights of the tribals etc.

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Let it rain

Into each life some rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Very rarely are rainy days bright; most rainy days begin on a cloudy note and peak into a dark, dreary and depressing day. Yet we all know that but for the rains we would have no crops nor vegetation and we would thirst to death. It therefore stands to reason that rain is a life saver and a must for sustenance.  Obviously the rains will bring with it inconvenience, a tinge of depression and yet we can look forward to the beautiful rainbow when the rains are over. The rains are also pictured as very romantic especially when one is in love; the climate provides the perfect setting for a romantic adventure in the country side. A drive in the rain with ones beloved is what most Bollywood movies hype and on the extreme end of the spectrum is the spectacle of a near erotic dripping wet heroine wooing the hero. Rain is central to both mans sustenance and for his enjoyment.

When looked at from the above perspective, these showers of blessings are vital for the environmental wheel to churn and sprout in its bosom LIFE in its myriad forms. it is also obvious that everything we clamor for comes for a price and in this case the dark and dreary days, the constant downpour, the thunder and lightning are all an integral part of the monsoons. No doubt sometimes the rain gods extract their revenge on an ungrateful population when there are floods and cyclones that cause immense damage to life and property.  The rains are also heaven send not just for the farmers and the animals but for the average man who seeks a welcome respite from the heat and hopes that the water sources are replenished.  Man is prepared to bear the inconvenience of the rains, the cold and miserable atmosphere and the all pervading lethargy and dullness included.

It is the post rain time that provides us the true picture of the bounty of nature. The freshness around, the greenery that serenades the environment and the gushing streams all stand testimony to the wonders that nature provides. The dark and dreary days were like a curtain that hid the view, the pouring rains like the cast dressed up to perform and when the curtain rises, there is astonishment, wonder and an encore for the splendorous bounty that comes forth from the womb of mother nature. Pause for a moment and examine our own life; the clouds of uncertainty and winds of change often challenged us, the future was unphantomable, circumstances often made us feel like a rudderless ship on the rough seas and the shores were nowhere in sight. When the rains came into our life, it sometimes pours; illness, financial worries, job insecurity, personal challenges and we very nearly  despaired. Yet when the skies cleared, it brought in the sunshine of hope, love and comfort. The future looks rosy, the past seems distant and the present exhilarating.

Remember: A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won’t come true. Ray Evans

Try these:

  1. Write down 10 things that you love about the rains. Now find an equivalent thing in your life.  E.g. I love the smell of fresh mud when it rains. When given a challenging work I can smell the possibility of growth in my career and life.
  2. For one month observe a plant grow. See how the size increases, the leaves running greener and if you’re lucky observe a flower bud. What kinds of feelings arise within you as you see the wonder of nature at such close quarters?

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