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Focus and get clarity

8 - Refocus and get clarity

Clarity of thought is a quality that is essential for every individual so that he /she can progress forward in the right direction. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, individuals have always grappled with the problem of confusion, an inability to be decisive and worse of constantly looking back and wondering if they chose their path wisely. Most of our lives we have been told to avoid problems. In school one is taught to solve problems. Most of our adult life we are anticipating problems and seeking ways to avoid it. As a result the problem overwhelms us, we are hell bent on avoiding or solving problems and we are apprehensive of moving away from the beaten path lest we encounter problems that we have never experienced. So instead of exploring and discovering we prefer to gingerly and tentatively traverse on known paths occasionally daring to venture into some shallow waters. Our horizons are limited our growth is stunted and our sense of achievement is scaled down.

Today the startups, the youngsters having dreams of alternative professions and those leapfrogging from staid professions to dynamic alternatives are tribute to mind set change from problem avoidance to solution finding. Our training of being defensive and risk averse has actually prepared us to easily reorient our thinking into seeking problems and finding solutions. Instead of letting your mind constantly worry about the problem, let it now dwell in anticipation of finding alternative solutions. With this changed orientation in our thinking we allow our creative self to take over. Problems are merely irritants, solutions are there to be found and in finding the solutions you discover your potential, create something unique and possibly even build a new paradigm of success for yourself. Man’s inability to fly was a problem since evolution. Those who saw it as a problem and did nothing about it rationalized that we really didn’t need to fly and so came up with alternative means of transportation. The Wright brothers on the other hand viewed the inability to fly as a problem deserving an appropriate solution. Their aircraft crude as it may have been pioneered the aircraft industry later. The hot air balloon and the drones are also examples of how solution centric answers can become very effective.

We need to watch out for three impediments that could take away our focus from being solution centric

Fear of the problem – It is true that every problem comes with its share of anxiety. When we let this anxiety overtake our rationality we remain problem centric. Our anxiety increases with the passing of time and no acceptable solution visible on the horizon. On the other hand if we analyze the problem dispassionately, we would be able to appreciate the varied dimensions of the problem and perhaps even see various alternative solutions peeping from some corners. Pick up a newspaper and try to solve the crosswords or Sudoku problem in it.

Distraction due to anxietyBefore you attempt the above keep a personal time limit to solve the problem. Notice how you get more tense, distracted and frustrated that the time is running out. Your attention is now drawn towards the deadline rather than the problem itself. This distraction will take away your concentration. On the other hand if you focus on finding solutions you will get at least some answers by the time the deadline approaches.

Urge to disown the problem – Very often we just want to somehow get rid of the problem. If possible we try to pass it on to others. If not we try to find excuses for the problem still being there. Very often we try to find someone to blame for the problem. This urge to get rid of the problem, to disown the problem, to pass the buck is our way of escapism. It neither helps in getting a solution nor does it ease our anxiety for the problem persists.

Watch out for the above and immediately change your thinking to finding a solution and keep seeking alternate solutions till you have ample alternatives to choose the best one. Yes problems often come with many many solutions. Keep searching for the best one.

Try this:

Click on this link to get an idea of how to FOCUS

You are given a barometer and asked to measure the height of a building. Think of 3 possible solutions to the problem. (Having a science inclination would help but oh yes every one can attempt it)

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Enthusiasm makes the difference

The difference between one man and another is not mere ability … it is energy. Thomas Arnold

How often have we come across people who by all accounts would have been voted ‘ least likely to succeed ‘when in school, but who today are the envy of those very same classmates. In all probability, these people when in school were academically not inclined, perennially involved in a variety of mischief and were possibly hyperactive too. After bumbling through academics they may have stumbled upon some opportunity and suddenly discovered their own interest and abilities aligning in this opportunity. This backed up by their never ending flow of energy now channeled and directed towards results would have set them up for success. It is also possible that the person voted most likely to succeed has also had a similar good run and have attained the pinnacle of success in their own filed.

If one were to study these individuals carefully, they would perhaps note that they are as different as chalk and cheese, except for the one vital quality which both display in ample measure- enthusiasm and energy. It is this vital quality that distinguishes those who excel and succeed in life from those who have more than enough potential but fail to realize it. The question that many people ask is how can anyone have so much energy and enthusiasm?  They are also keen to know one can continuously generate such high levels of energy? How does one recharge when one feels low and dispirited especially when one faces a setback? The unfortunate reality is that there are no magic pills or portions that can boost your energy but the good news is that with some effort, practice and patience each one of you can see the energy flow within you and translate into success.

The most important requirement to build up enthusiasm and energy is developing a positive attitude. This by and large is a mind game where the challenge is to see any problem as an opportunity. It is not easy because a problem worries us, it saps our energy, it sometimes forces us to retreat and that we look upon as a defeat and worse of all many problems seem insurmountable. A positive attitude simply seeks the small eye of a needle in the problem through which one can thread the string of persistence and sew our success story. Notice that almost heroes in history or mythology are characters who have never let their failures dampen their conviction nor let it distract them from their goal. Everyone of them achieved success by overcoming terrible odds by being positive about the outcome and believing in themselves. This brings us to the next quality self belief. Unless a person has the inner conviction that he/ she is capable, they would simply surrender to any force that seems threatening. Self belief emits from sound knowledge, daring, confidence and clarity of goals. A good part of self belief is scripted in childhood by the encouragement of parents, teachers and friends. A large part comes from early successes and the rest comes from having a brave heart.

The final ingredient that if available in ample measure escalates the energy and enthusiasm is motivation.  At the heart of motivation is the inner urge to achieve. Notice that even the most non- descript individual would love to achieve success in some form, even if it be as simple as not ending up last. For the high achievers it is not just proving their mettle but doing something different and unique. There are variants to motivation like lure of financial rewards or fame and recognition being the driving force. Other drivers of motivation could include a sense of achievement, a sense of having power or the need to be popular and liked. Whatever the inducement, one has to have the thrust of motivation to boost ones energy and generate enthusiasm so as to ensure we are self driven successful individuals.

Remember: “When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” W. Clement Stone

Try this:

  1. Ask yourself if you suffer from Monday morning blues where you get up every Monday morning with a scowl and disgust that a whole week lays ahead.  Do you suffer from frequently being the victim of negative self fulfilling prophesies?  Eg. You lobby hard for a contract and no sooner you get it, your mind is filled with thoughts of the consequences of not executing the contract properly on time. Subsequently you end up fouling up the job and get dispirited and possibly fatalistic too.
  2. Jot down 3 of the most frequently overheard complaints/ negative feedback about yourself. Now if you really believe that there is a problem find 3 motivators that will help you focus on overcoming your weakness. If you are convinced that the feedback is wrong, how will you ensure that the misconception is removed in the eyes of your critics?

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