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My vision for the New Year

A New Year; a new perspective for the year is the aim of this post. Rephrased - it is MY New Year and therefore it is MY Vision for the year that I will lay out. It is obvious that each person reading this post will have to identify and enumerate his/ her own vision … Continue reading My vision for the New Year


What really matters ?

The length of your life is not as important as the quality of your thoughts. Ideally the older we grow, it is assumed the wiser one becomes. This is largely true because of the variety of experiences one has gained; with each new day bringing its share of surprises, hopes, opportunities and regrets. Yet if … Continue reading What really matters ?

Your response to change makes the difference

It is well known that change is the only constant in life and that it is imperative to adapt to change. However today we view change from a different perspective, of how it is vital for us to understand and appreciate how we respond to the challenge of change, which is forever inundating us. To … Continue reading Your response to change makes the difference

Life from a different perspective

Schooling has developed as a structured way of imparting knowledge in an organized, well paced and hopefully effective manner. Unfortunately traditional schooling has limited creativity, given undue importance to structure and form and made teachers, parents and students beholden to examinations, marks and competitive one upmanship.  The good part is that logical thinking has been … Continue reading Life from a different perspective

Learning is self driven…

It is possible that many of those reading these posts and particularly those subscribing to the blog occasionally wonder how best they can benefit from what they read. At times they may find the post enlightening but not applicable to them. Sometimes the post maybe a tad too difficult to absorb and digest, whilst there … Continue reading Learning is self driven…

Making the best of holidays

Just as a puppy can be more of a challenge than a gift, so too can the holidays. John Clayton With the Divali season around the corner, a sizeable section of the people in India are already in a holiday frenzy. Soon thereafter Christmas would be around the corner and practically three fourths of the … Continue reading Making the best of holidays

Be creative…visualize the future

Who is the wise man?  He who sees what’s going to be born. Solomon Those people who are blessed with the ability to anticipate changes and ride the wave invariably end up being successful. Perhaps there are many of us who on hindsight state that they too could see the changes coming; alas that is … Continue reading Be creative…visualize the future